Chasing A Mirage

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  1. Chuck says:

    Dammit, Neil

    Stop setting timelines. In woodworking. 1/3 of the time is making boards, 1/3 of the time is assembling the project and the last third is finishing. Mine ain’t done either, It takes time we never thought of. Mine will be finished 2 years ago, now 3………. oh #*#&%!

  2. Jon Sutton says:

    You have already achieved a remarkable feat that most of us can only dream of. To have accomplished so much in these benighted times is worthy of great praise.

    Stay focused on the positives of the endeavor, not so much on the timing.

    A dose of sunshine, daffodils and apple blossom is what we all need right now.

    Made mistakes??………… maybe………… but you’ve also damn near made Gleda.

  3. Mike says:

    Neil. I had the same doubt about 3 weeks ago. i’m about to have a friend who is experienced building boats tell me if my timeline is reasonable and i’m sure he will tell me NO. i’ll just keep plugging away til i’m done.

  4. Eric Dobson says:

    Just in case you haven’t reminisced in a while, here’s where things stood a year ago:

    Quite a bit accomplished since then I’d say! Not to mention how much you did for the olympics and the rest of life.

    I’m a big fan of enjoying the process as much or more than thinking about the goal. So I’m inclined to agree with the comments above. Screw timelines. Keep working, and enjoy every session. One day you’ll have been aboard Gleda for years and this will all be a distant memory. Try to appreciate this time while you still have it.

    Other than that, I only wish I was there to offer some help! At least this way it gives those of us who would love to be there supporting on launch day some more time to get it together and afford a ticket.

    Looking forward to more. I’ve definitely been missing your regular posts. With the time difference there’s almost always an update waiting when I get up in the morning, and knowing what you’ve accomplished with your day is a great motivator to make the most of mine.

    Thanks again for the work you put in keeping us updated. It’s hard enough completing a project like this, let alone taking extra time everyday to keep us all informed. It’s definitely appreciated.

  5. Olivier says:

    Salut Neil
    C’est une bonne nouvelle pour toi. Continu à le construire à le finir et à le chérir. Prend ton plaisir maintenant et savoure le, car quand il sera a l’eau cette page sera tournée et définitivement fermée. Profite de ce moment que tu ne retrouvera plus jamais. On ne donne pas de rendez-vous daté avec un voilier c’est toujours la galère.
    Bonne année 2013.

    This is good news for you. Continuing to build and finish to cherish. Take your pleasure now and savor it, because when she is on the water this chapter will be permanently closed. Enjoy this time while you have it. You cannot set dates with a sailboat they always change.
    Happy New Year 2013.

  6. Andy says:

    Just pretend for one minute….you are close to the end of a long passage, your port is just a few days over the horizon, the wind picks up, the waves increase and you are forced to change course and go on a run. Three days later the wind dies down and you can resume course. Now your destination is further than it was 3 days ago. What do you do? You continue on knowing that port is not as close as you hoped, but you will get there eventually.

  7. Charlie says:

    Hi Neil,
    You know I have been in the same yard has you,
    And this continuing winter has put me two months back on my bike projects.
    I have had to force myself to visit the yard for a couple of hours a day, and that has been to much.

    The constant jetstream wind has just been to much ,whistling around the old buildings.
    Just keep pluging on with joy in your heart knowing that one day your dream will come true.
    You know I am always there to help , has long as I can!!!

    Regards Charlie.

  8. Jacques says:


    Come with us to Sete. You will see JW and plenty of other builders and architects. Sun will be bright (hopefully!), and this will give you plenty of energy.
    Just a Ryanair flight away!

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