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The Sea Of Music

Last time out I finished with mention of La Mar de Músicas Festivale (The Sea of Music Festival) that’s been running all week here in Cartagena. The week’s not quite over yet but for us the...


Up The Creek Again

 Winter has gone, Spring is here, and we’ve just got started on a new chapter in our  adventures.  On Thursday I said goodbye to Gail as she headed back up country for a few weeks,  she’s...


Lewis Ready To Test

After some pretty solid work sessions I’ve now got ‘Lewis’ finished and mounted on the stern and I’ve figured out the connection to the tiller bar. From what I can see it should work but I...


T’was Christmas Eve In The Marina

As the festivities begin Gail and I just wanted to wish all our friends out there a very Happy Christmas. I’ll be looking back at the year in my next blog post but without doubt one...

Extended Delay 7

Extended Delay

Weather reports show gales/south westerly winds for next few days so Gleda won’t be leaving Cornwall quite yet.  Jake has returned to Dublin for a few days and Gail has gone up country.  Frustrating.

Landgirls Short Cornish Road Trip 1

Landgirls Short Cornish Road Trip

Neil and I left Weir Quay this morning and are heading for Falmouth.  We have taken different forms of transport though.  Neil is sailing Gleda around (yet to arrive as I type this) and I am...

In the Night Sailing (but no IgglePiggle) 1

In the Night Sailing (but no IgglePiggle)

Neil wanted to try a night sail as part of the sea trials for Gleda. Whilst I do know that night sailing is part of her/our future and that many boats like ours sail at night,...


The Flower Shower

Another first over the last few weeks was standing naked in a bucket having a Flower Shower. Not on deck I hasten to add; too dam cold as much as anything!  We don’t have a bath...

Long Overdue Update from Landgirl Afloat 2

Long Overdue Update from Landgirl Afloat

Firstly, sorry for the delay in putting up a new post, mainly due to connectivity, well lack of.  Since my last post I have been ‘up country’ for a couple of weeks to sort family issues,...

Landgirl Floats 1

Landgirl Floats

So we have been moored in the river for just over 2 weeks now but are still not yet ready to sail.  I naively thought that within a few weeks of arriving at Weir Quay we...