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1632Hrs- Main Cabin Decks – Stage 3 2

1632Hrs- Main Cabin Decks – Stage 3

My last work session before our 10 day break to Portugal 🙂 I’ve completed stage 3 and got the final sheet of ply glued into my first main cabin deck section so when I get back...

1612Hrs- Four Tumblehomes On 0

1612Hrs- Four Tumblehomes On

Another heavy session today but I wanted to keep up the momentum and get the four tumblehomes in place. Before I started on them though I took a bit of time to finish and clean up...

Now, Where Was I ? 3

Now, Where Was I ?

Another clearing and cleaning session today and I’m now happy that I’ve got the barn looking like someone owns it again and that I can work in comfortably. Next job was to take stock of my...