Can’t Wait!

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  1. NYCKiwi says:

    Congratulations to you and your employer on reaching such a fine compromise, Neil. And good luck regaining momentum with Gleda. Its very inspiring to follow you as you successfully navigate the project through the inevitable frustrations and setbacks. Although, you had me a bit worried there for a while.

    The Japanese have a very suitable phrase of encouragement "Ganbatte Kudasai!"; "please persevere!"

    Cheers John

  2. Bob Bois says:

    Hi Neil,
    Good on you for separating from the man and taking a step off of a one hundred foot pole (as the Buddhists say). I have been ‘consulting’ for years and it’s so much more flexible. I have to buy health insurance for the family (required by law in Massachusetts) but it’s worth it. I have built a 32 X 48 ft platform in my backyard and ordered a poly tunnel to erect over that. We’ll start building a our Tiki 46 later this fall. Thanks for your blog, it’s very inspiring. I hope to be able to do the same…
    All the best, Neil, and continued good luck with the build and the unknown future.


  3. mike says:

    CONGRATS! Wow, that took courage. well done.

  4. Fredrik in Stockholm says:

    Hi Neil

    I’m really happy for your sake. It’s great you’ve managed to arrange your life so you can continue the build. I’ve been checking out your blog more or less every day, wondering – is he gonna come back to building his Gleda? Frankly, you had me worried there for awhile! This blog, at least to me, is an inspiration in more ways than you can imagine. All I can say now is – Keep on! You will launch Gleda!

    Best wishes

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