Boat Envy

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  1. jon sutton says:

    Lots to go wrong 😉

  2. Roger says:

    Hey Neil,

    Where else would you find an over-the-top Wharram but in America! Home of everything over-the-top! I do have a small correction though; “Totally awesome dude” most certainly came from California, not Florida. You know, the land of fruits and nuts, movie star governors and transgender Olympians among other things …

    Sorry we aren’t there to enjoy the Guadiana with you. Hopefully this fall we’ll be back in the saddle and aboard Deja Vu.


  3. Philip Ritson says:

    Looks great. But as someone said so much to go wrong.

    Looks like a nice floating warm weather holiday home for someone with money to burn. But plenty of other boats offer that.

    Not a serious ocean boat me thinks!

  4. Thanks for the compliments.
    I wonder which part of Bazinga is “over the top”? The big TV? The water-maker?solar panel? the high quality finish? The boat was built for an individual that has been sailing since knee high. His wife crewed on a National Champion Lightning. They like to sail, they like to sail fast and they have the money to do so in style and comfort. It certainly was not built as a cottage at the end of the dock. This is a 48′ sailing catamaran. Compared to other cruising catamarans of this size available this is a sleek minimalist vessel.
    We would be happy to build a 48′ home depot plywood Ariki with no electricity, plumbing or motors. Step right up and start writing checks. The reality is that when people have enough money to purchase a new boat like this they almost all want a boat that has some creature comforts. If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. And most men want a boat that he’s not proud to show off to his friends.
    A large boat like this is only available to those with money or a religious commitment to building it themselves. Most people don’t have enough of either. There are indeed more people with money. Kudos to folks like you, Neil, that have those kind of stone! For the rest of those that think that Wharram cats are btchin, as I do, we are available to build your dreams

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