Blowin’ In The Wind

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  1. Rod McLaren says:

    Your post prompted me to pull out the battered copy of my 2009 chapbook of poems, “Rainbow Round the African Sky”. Two of the poems in that collection speak to the dust laden air moving south from the Sahara and covering much of the countries on the Gulf of Guinea, including Ghana which is where I was living at the time. Here is one of them:

    Harmattan 2008

    Dry leaves dare not rustle in the cold stillness of dawn
    Nearby hills draw down their cloak of desert dust
    As if to hold in yesterday’s heat

    Families huddle round small cooking fires
    Listening to village roosters as they crow out the morning’s arrival
    And greet the annual return of this bleak Saharan visitor

    – Rod McLaren

  2. NeilH says:

    Hi Rod
    Thanks so much for your lovely words. I checked out your site. Beautiful art, congratulations and thanks again

  3. Phil kilmer says:

    We get these Saharan sands here in Florida occasionally, they cause spectacular sunsets. I enjoyed your book “foolish voyage”. I too chased my dreams in sailboats as a younger man.

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