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Decided to keep my ramblings separate from Neil.  Therefore please find all the old posts, plus new ones at    

Extended Delay 7

Extended Delay

Weather reports show gales/south westerly winds for next few days so Gleda won’t be leaving Cornwall quite yet.  Jake has returned to Dublin for a few days and Gail has gone up country.  Frustrating.


The Flower Shower

Another first over the last few weeks was standing naked in a bucket having a Flower Shower. Not on deck I hasten to add; too dam cold as much as anything!  We don’t have a bath...

Landgirl Floats 1

Landgirl Floats

So we have been moored in the river for just over 2 weeks now but are still not yet ready to sail.  I naively thought that within a few weeks of arriving at Weir Quay we...

Landgirl Adjusts 2

Landgirl Adjusts

Landgirl Adjusts For such a massive change to my lifestyle and what I thought I would be happy with, I’m pleased to say that I have, so far, felt really positive about this move. Living in...