Authentic Experience – Jay Fitzgerald

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  1. Roselt Croeser says:

    Really refreshing. These authentic people are seldom suave and boring. I have been asking myself many of the same questions. Jay has something important to say and says it very well.

  2. jay.
    me n you met when i had my trawler. before i got hooked on sailing.
    i bought that scow of a boat buccaneer 24. then a capital yachts 32 then a capital yachts newport 27 or so.
    today i bought a westsail 32 in longbech.
    want to sail to meetup with you and hsake your hand for all the accomplishments youv’e achieved.
    i did try to stay in touch with you but to no avail.
    what island are you on?
    boat has been sitting 7months.
    motor won’t turn over.
    but $4k for westsail.
    she has main and two headsails..forward one is roller furler.
    so i show up tomorrow and setup a deal tihe marina mechanic..GET IT RUNNING> $300.00l.
    empty holding, gas/ tanks.
    this beihg said…id like to chek out your cabin..ive been folloing you. ive always lookied upo to you as someong that is ‘beyond his years’ wich knowlege.
    what island are you on and what anchorge of the LEE do you suggest?
    im meeting owner tomorrow and getting her her money.
    then im doing wht you having diesel started….SORRY>
    promise you though een if hwere in 3 knot winds i will NOT run notor.
    ps hows perry? is he in micronisia or teaching collete stuff? thx ahead of time im glad you iae you as a friend and we WILL meetup and see where our lives have taken us.
    JAY (i dont wanna use jerom) because youv ealways introeuced yourself Jay. im norwegian. my nabme is STE’ fan..but i dont do it that way. thx jay can wait to have a nice lunch in a lunch rainsforest

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