Another Day Another Ria

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  1. Fabian says:

    You must not forget visit Baiona.

  2. Ken says:

    The days of working in a cold damp shed must seem like a distant memory now, enjoy.

  3. NeilH says:

    Baiona is our next port of call Fabian. We’ll be there Thursday or Friday I think :))

  4. NeilH says:

    Thanks Ken. Distant…. yes, forgotten…..never!

  5. Hi Neil, glad you got to Combarro ok and had a good passage. We have some great photos of Gleda – if you want them pls email jackiebyrne6 at and we’ll email them back to you. Might catch up with you soon, all the best, Ian and Jackie, Rivalady

  6. Philip Ritson says:

    Your build blog has turned into a cruising blog. You know that don’t you?

    It’s a unique achievement.

    There are those who like building boats and those who like sailing. You don’t come across many builders who end up cruising.

    Can we have some insight into what life is like on a Tiki 38? How does the journey forward to the toilet work for you on a passage or would you have preferred the aft bathroom option? Is the dinette practical? Can you produce a meal in the galley? Does the trip into the port forward cabin/heads fill you with trepidation at sea?

    Or is the boat just perfect?

    We are all thinking “I could build a Tiki 38.” We probably could not but the idea is appealing. We are really, really green with envy! Can we have some insights into what living on the boat is like?

    How is the boat working out?

  7. NeilH says:

    Thank you Philip, yes indeed I fully intend to go into more detail about how the boat has worked, changes that I want to make etc. Coming soon!

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