An Oath To The Universe

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  1. Edward says:

    That is a fantastic Oath! You have my full psychic support! I think you may be surprised at how freeing becoming unburden by stuff can be. When we left on our first cruise we took a 3000sqft household to just filling a 10ftx12ft storage! It was great. I only wish we had gotten rid of that stored stuff also because it’s just an anchor.
    Best wishes

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Edward, I really feel inspired by my commitment and I’m excited to be throwing myself into making it happen.

  3. Chuck says:

    Those plans look too clean! Where are the coffee spills, tear stains, epoxy drops and penciled in corrections?????

  4. Neil says:

    Only because they’re the ones I’m only just starting to use. The rest match your description!

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