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  1. Philip Ritson says:


    Most of the content on this site could be reworked to form a how to build a catamaran yourself book. Your sitting on the cost comprehensive Tiki 38 build diary on the web!

  2. Philip Ritson says:

    Autocorrect. You’re sitting on the most comprehensive build diary on the web!

  3. Sergey says:

    Start a series of boat life videos. YouTube pays.

  4. Peter says:


    There is a website called “” (used to be “”). They are go-betweens for people who can do work and people who need work done. The types of work are varied, from writing blogs, to translating between languages, to doing graphics work, etc.. I know several people who have made a nice 2nd income with them. Might be worth a look.


  5. Spencer says:

    I agree with Philip–You have all the makings of a DIY Journal for home boatbuilding right here on this blog. I’m also sure that there is a ton of insight and valuable information that has yet to be tapped, solely due to it’s entertainment relevance. When it comes to home boat building, I’m pretty sure that you could take the DIYer all the way from the researching plans and deciding on a boat stage through to lauching the vessel. There are so many things to thing about, and do, and purchase, and decide on, that you could basically build a checklist(and a chapter) on every single step in the process. Sure, this blog has been great, and thoroughly entertaining, but I think if you sit back and look at it, there is still a lot of untouched meat on those bones. If you can find it, take a look at this book by Mark Wilson:
    If you can’t find a copy, let me know and I’ll post mine to you. It’s the basic idea that I’m speaking of. He wrote a decent book, but the real info is in the charts and graphs, spreadsheets, and checklists that he put in it. There is a vast amount of the intricacies of building a boat that you have yet to share and I believe you have all the talent needed to write it. I know that it would be the second book of yours that I’ll buy–the first being the one you mention above.
    Don’t know the slightest about the ins and outs of a blog, but what about advertisers on there?
    You’ll come up with something, I’m sure–I mean after all, you did build a boat from scratch> you’ve provern to be quite the resourceful little sod!

  6. Philip Ritson says:

    The owner of this boat has been publishing in various journals including wooden boats over the last few months. He made must be raking in some cash.

    You have “how I built Gleda”stories to tell. And then you have were I sailed Gleda stories.

  7. Philip Ritson says:

    That’s it. I have had it with this Android and it’s auto correct!

    You know what I mean. The owner of vixen is ardep at getting photo essays published and some of them must be worth a bob or two.

    Why not Gleda?

  8. Philip Ritson says:

    Adept! Adept! Adept!

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