Adjusting To Boatyard Life

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  1. Chris Boxer says:

    Great post, Neil… Very honest and frank. I’m sure everyone who comes next weekend will totally understand that Gleda needs time at Weir Quay before actually hitting the water.
    It takes time, putting a catamaran together properly. More importantly, you and Gail need to be satisfied with the work done at this stage. So my only suggestion (not advice!) would be to try to actually enjoy all the clearing up, the organisation and the evolution in lifestyle.
    When it rains during my time aboard, I used to get annoyed, laying in the bunk of my Tiki 26. However, now, I try to remember that even laying listening to the rain is infinitely better than the stress of professional life. It’s a form of freedom!
    Sunny days lay ahead for Gleda and her crew. Many sunny days. So take your time now.
    Best wishes from afar (unfortunately!)

  2. Paul says:

    I regret I won’t be with you next weekend. Have a great weekend and I hope it’s not too long before Gleda is launched. Just think of the fun you’ll have on your shake-down cruises around the south coast. I kept my hinamoa just down the river from where you are. Some great sailing. Happy days. All the best to you both. have a great time.

  3. Darren says:

    O I remember the boat yard days well , my mother called it camping without the trees. In fact your good Lady´s words about the boat yard shower the other day reminded my so much of what my mum had to say about boat yard showers it bought a huge smile to my faces.

    Its a strange world the boat yard neither shore nor sea were the delays can get very frustrating. But its a necessary if maddening step to freedom.

    I really do not have the words to say how much I respect your courage and good work over the years , you are so close to the finishing line and us the crowd and cheering you on !

  4. Philip Ritson says:

    Neil you had total control in the barn. Even the elements were held at bay although it didn’t feel like that at times. Now you are in the open beware of the risk of agoraphobia where there is an awful lot of “environment” to contend with.

    All will be well, promise all will be well.

  5. Jon Sutton says:

    Patience, boyo, patience!

    Calender dates and deadlines are all part of the world you’re escaping from.

    Reckon I’ll still aim to get there at the end of the week anyway.

    Is there anywhere nearby to pitch a very small (one man + teddybear) tent?

  6. Janine says:

    It is so amazing, where you are, what you are doing. When people visit us and see our 2 hulls in the garden they are awed. I then show them the picture of Gleda with deck & pod in place. That blows their mind!
    The last bit is always the slowest whenever you create something (as any 8 months pregnant woman!), but you just remember the vision you had when you looked through the plans for the first time and hold on to that.
    It sounds like Gail is being the perfect calming influence, but then sometimes it is easier, if you don’t know what to expect then you have no expectations and can take everything as it comes. This is one of those times when ‘Gail Force Wins”! (sorry, watching Star Wars – couldn’t resist!)
    Although we won’t be with you next weekend, we will be thinking of you, and during the next few weeks.
    We are heading off to Italy for a family wedding at the end of June, but Adrian has booked the Santander – Plymouth crossing back and we are staying in a hotel overlooking the Tamar for a couple of nights so we can come and see you both again! Like bad pennies aren’t we? We are really looking forward to stepping on board the finished and floating boat.
    Keep the faith and feel the force!

  7. NeilH says:

    Thanks guys, your thoughts and wishes are a real boost. Jon, we think the nearest campsite is this one Look forward to meeting you.
    Janine, thanks so much for your thoughtful words, we very much look forward to having you and Adrian aboard.

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