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  1. Giovani Frisene says:

    Congratulations Neil! I mean really!
    I´m not reading things as much as I would like to as you already know…currently I’m building Gleda´s cousin, but what i can say your words is just amazingly encouraging.
    Thank you very much to take the time to put some inspiring thoughts in your blog.
    I wish you inspiring days in 2017 and write my friend, write and write…

  2. Bob Bois says:

    Happy New Year, Neil and Gail!
    As a writer of fiction, I have to say your story is much more interesting as you grapple with meaning. Heading out to ‘paradise’ is fine; but the story (and your life) are flat, uninspiring, without that quest for meaning or purpose. You struggled to build Gleda and we read all your posts, describing highs and lows, but you reached that (interim) goal and sailed away. Now, you can use what you learned to move toward your next goal: why did you build that boat in the first place? It may not be for the reasons you think! I love your courage and honesty – I think if you stay true to that, not only will you find your purpose, you will have helped many along the way. Godspeed.

  3. +1 Bob Bois. I too respect Neil’s courage and honesty and willingness to share the philosophical challenges we all face. Not the least of which is meeting our “cost of living” while remaining true to our principles. Its just too plain easy to lose sight of what makes us truly happy, following our purpose and instead, choose the apparent comfort of a steady income and the perception of security. The world needs more voices like Neils. Influencers willing to ignore the simple and easy path and take the more challenging but fulfilling road instead. Keep it up mate, you are not alone!

  4. NeilH says:

    I really appreciate the kind words guys. Whatever transpires I’ll always be honest. I’m not smart enough to be consistently false. Comments like yours keeps me writing. Thank you.

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