A Lost Week

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  1. nicole says:

    oh dear i thought you might have got snowed in in scotland how strange they didn’t have any at all! how long will it take to dry everything out?
    hopefully see you soon!


  2. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hi Neil,

    Sounds like work (always does) and weather are conspiring against you preventing any progress. I was thinking about my own experiences and some options that might get you going. Now I’m not suggestion you quit work but perhaps you should build yourself a low (4′ tall) movable cover out of PVC irrigation pipe and plastic that is ten or so feet long that you can move over work, add a little heat to and then epoxy inside that. You could also use a couple of heat lamps or set the work on top of some elecrtric blankets so the wood warms up. I have used all these approaches. At one point I covered my upside down Tiki 26 hull in a tarpaulin and stuck a small cerramic heater underneath when the temperatures dipped to freezing. It worked. The other option is to start making small bits and pieces. When I started the first hull, I went at it in a very linear fashion which looking back now was a slow way to go about it. I’ve since switched to working on many "small" bits at the same time. Now I don’t wait around for epoxy to dry. The cold and rain got to me here in January. I had a hard time getting much done until I switched tactics. I guess the other thing is to chalk it up to experience. You have a multi-year project ahead of you so maybe just relax until the weather turns more spring like and then hit it hard. Keep at it and you’ll get there – Thomas

  3. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    Here in New Jersey too. We got hit by a tough cold wave: since three weeks we have never been above freezing point. Yesterday, I went to my yard, the big tent had morphed into a huge igloo with a 10 cm thick ice shell all over it.
    Well, weather is supposed to break next week. I take it easy but cannot wait for the spring. It took some of my time to review carefully the plans: it is amazing how some little details can get overlooked while in action and how it is important to sometimes have a seat and read them thoroughly. I got some email exchanges with Ron Hall who gave me very important tips regarding the beamthroughs (my next step),



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