A Legacy Of Shame

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  1. Beautiful essay of an ugly side of humanity. The players, their greed and ill gotten spoils are long gone. You are talking geology, mining, greed and exploitation. The first two I am proud to call my profession. The last two, the reason I left. Best to you and Gail. Loved your essay.

  2. Simon Jones says:

    I enjoyed reading this, your overall journey from barn to where you are now is inspiring. You are leading a ‘rich’ life (not necessarily in the financial sense). Years on from the launch, it would be good to get another virtual tour of the boat – what’s working, what’s not.

  3. NeilH says:

    Thanks Stew. It’s a sad history isn’t it and sadder still that it’s still going on.

  4. NeilH says:

    Thanks Simon
    Yes an update post on the boat is a good idea. I’ll work on something later in the year as we start making our improvements and modifications. Spoiler alert – She’s worked brilliantly from day one.

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