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  1. JonK says:

    Neil, Thanks for the (as always) honest, frank, and complete answer. I’m also enjoying the Maha Mrityeonjaya Mantra link!

    With 2017 underway I am trying to make changes and form habits that will help me toward our dream of setting sail. It still feels like a dream, but each action takes us a little closer.
    Worrying about money, how long it will last, how to make more when you’re away from it all, these are the primary concerns, and the first excuses that are thrown at you when you suggest to anyone what kind of life you aspire to lead. I’m sure I have a rose tinted cataracts to some extent, so it is good to read real life concerns and frank, honest comments from someone I trust to say it as it is.

    Thanks again

  2. JonK says:

    PS – Loving the new Template for the site. Very Clean.

  3. Stein Amundsen says:

    Bergen, Norway, with a 36 Jeanneau sailboat. Sailing coastal Norway during time off from work. Just finished reading your book. Having read a lot of books written by sailors and liveaboards I really did not expect to be finding much of anything different than what I had found before. Must say I was mistaken. Your writing is captivating. Looking forward to your next book.

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