964Hrs – Dark Clouds On The Horizon

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Just wanted to wish you all the courage necessary to face your situation. You are certainly right in pressing on with the work! And if I interpret today’s photo correctly, the dark side seems to be a this side of the passage, and there’s light ahead…

  2. Chris Harrell says:

    Neil, you have shown a huge amount of strength of character and determination throughout this blog and I am sure you will overcome this setback, "Non Illegitimus Carborundum Est!" I echo Beat’s comment.


  3. Jacques says:


    As a fellow builder I know how rare and difficult it is in somebody’s life to have all the elements aligned so such a project can be started. When one of these elements fails it can jeopardize the whole thing. One thing though, You certainly have reached a point where giving up is not an option: too much work, energy and money has been invested in it, so you will find a way. The other idea is, because the point in time where the elements are there may not last forever, I perpetually feel the rush to progress and finish as soon as possible, sometime (I admit it) at the cost of a quality I would like to achieve.

    All my thoughts are with you.


  4. Chuck says:


    If you have access to it, listen to the Stan Rogers song "The Mary Ellen Carter".

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