922Hrs – Crap Night

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  1. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil sorry to read of your trials and tribulations, we squared off Creed’s hulls last month using a team of 4 guys and a forklift. Accurate centrelines marked on ply below the bow and stern, water and spirit levels and plumbob, that took several hours of patient manoeuvring so don’t despair. Get some beer and sandwiches and invite your friends to a Levelling Party.

  2. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Here’s another hint: Don’t take measurements at the bow and stern, but at the height of the cradles.

  3. Jacques says:

    It was a full day job with four guys for mine. We got out of trouble when we finally understood that we needed external reference lines. We built them from the tent structure, tightening perpendicular wires. From there, measurements started to be accurate.

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