907Hrs – More Bits Of Boat

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hi neil,

    Right, beam bearers bulkheads are critical. I completely missed that and ended up with badly crooked beamthroughs. As your hulls are rightly positioned on a flat floor, it should not be too hard to check the alignment before glueing them. Just got my two first sections of slatted deck done with mast tabernacle and engine boxes. It looks fantastic but there is still a lot of filets and glassing to do.
    I saw Ann and Neville and had a ride on their Tiki 46 in the NY bay area. Fantastic: the boat performed very very well and was incredibly smooth. A solid 10 knots of speed with 15 knots of wind on a reach. Very encouraging. We sailed all wind directions and force, tacked and jibed. Conclusion: Largely exceeds expectations. Many many thanks to them.
    I will be going to Mystic seaport in june for the wooden boat show. Guests will be James Wharram, Dick Newick and other famous architects. I hope I will be able to meet the man in person.
    I am waiting now for my mast from Martin and will start the steering pod section this week.


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