845Hrs – Summertime?

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  1. Shane says:

    That I know of, no area that has "no discharge" zones has a size requirement for the holding tank(s). So, theoretically, you can get away with a 10 liter holding tank. You would also need a lockable "Y" valve to be legal. However, if you truly plan to use it, it is advisable to install the largest possible tank you can fit, otherwise you will be at the dock quite often getting pumped out while in "no discharge" zones. Though expensive, consider a flexible waste tank that can fit low in the aft/forward section of the hull.

    From long time live-aboard experience, I highly suggest using the high-grade black rubber sanitation hose, and not the smooth wall white hose. Most people associate the foul smell in their head with the toilet, but after about a year or so in the tropics, the white sanitation hose starts allow the odor to escape through the hose wall, causing the smell. Also from experience with failed and stuck Y-valves, I recommend the one made by Jabsco #45490-1000. I have never replaced one or seen one that failed. Also, the ports rotate to allow various mounting without having to purchase more parts.


  2. Adrian Hall says:

    It is my understanding that there are no regulations which require a visiting vessel to fit a holding tank when visiting the territorial waters of a country which requires vessels to have them fitted to their national vessels.Of course you would be committing an offence if you did discharge into the sea in an area where a local vessel would be obliged to discharge to a holding tank. This info obtained from RYA website

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