802Hrs – British Beef

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Cheers, Neil, sounds all tasty. Me since I’m leaning towards the veggie side of life, swear on my steaming cups of miso soup!
    Does it look like the collapse of the gulf stream is imminent, as some dire predictions want to have it? You sure seem to get your share of climate change up there. Stay warm!
    You’re doing a great job managing/contemplating your motivation in the process. You will need lots of it for some time into the future. My struggle at the time is an emotional roller coaster. The end is in sight, apparently just around the corner. But once you actually turn that corner the road just continues, as if going on forever, so many more things left to be done before even thinking of splashing…
    I’ll get to it one day! I promise!
    Happy filleting meditations:)

  2. C.C. O'Hanlon says:

    I remember living on a tiny boat in Lymington River for a winter and making a pretty good living working six days a week on an inshore crabber. Bloody miserable but I empathise with the Bovril addiction (I used to stir in some garlic and a dollop of sherry with it when it was really cold). I will not make your winter feel any more oppressive by telling you that as I write here, the outside temperature is 85, the sun is shining, and there is a faint whiff of coconuts wafting in from the surrounding palms… instead, I’ll wish you more speed to get your own vessel into the tropics!

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