790Hrs – Method or Madness

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  1. Nonthawat says:

    You’re never alone Neil. I am but one of many keeping a regular eye on your progress. I am sure there will be more ups than downs. I am very envious of your acheivements so far. In a way you’re not just doing this for yourself but for people like me who for one reason or another are not doing what you are but wishing they were. So we’ll keep watching and dreaming. Don’t let us down Neil.

  2. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hey Neil, She’s looking good. I don’t get to follow as close as I use to. Work thing! My 4 12-16hr days a week on the road and operating off other’s computers and not dragging my own along means I have to wait until the end of the week to get my fix. What you have accomplished in your "off hours" is pretty amazing. I don’t think I could have built Tsunamichaser that way. Keep at it with a commited to the core attitude. Scott is totally right about working on side projects it keeps you moving. For me my motivator is a good list with small enough tasks that you can check off and feel like you are moving towards a goal. It’s like mountaineering – never think about the summit just keep putting one foot ahead of the next and repeat while staying heads up to the weather and your surroundings.

  3. Jacques says:

    "I think he was too polite!"

    Neil, from what I see, you have been doing a perfect building job so far. Compared to mine, you are way ahead in term of quality and precision. I bet you will end up with a very beautiful boat.
    Today, I am placing my third beam (the bow one). I am so upset after myself because of the bad alignment of the beamthroughs. Nothing I can do about it and this will bother me all along the life of the boat. A huge mistake here and no excuse for it.
    I started to cut the portholes. I sticked strictly to the plan. I know that Wharram spent a lot of time studying the compromise between light/strength and aestethic for them. The more I build, the more I think that the builder has to respect the architect and be VERY carefull on any modification. It is a matter of philosophy but also of safety.

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