787Hrs – Low Ebb

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  1. Jacques says:

    " I am shopping around for the hatches".

    I made them. With a 9 mm ply, a small pine cross bar and a stainless screw/bolt to tie them.

    Looks good, cheap and efficient.
    Same here: no area is unaccessible except under the small floor section under the stringers and resting on the backbone at the front part of the hull.

  2. Scott Williams says:

    Hi Neil,

    I’ve hit periods of low ebb like this from time to time as well, and I think all singlehanded builders do. This process of finishing out all the fillets and cosmetic details inside each interior compartment is repetitive and not as fullfilling as the big steps that show visible progress. You’re doing the right thing by methodically tackling each one. When I get bogged down with boring parts it helps to start some other, more interesting project for the boat on the side. That’s why I’ve already built things like the galley sink and the portlight frames, the first sail, etc.

    You’re making amazing progress nonetheless for one man building such a big boat, and it’s really looking good.


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