734Hrs – Idling

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  1. david halladay says:

    go man go were pushin for you here

  2. Jacques says:

    "I think part of the reason is some dithering about the cabin layouts".

    May be this but also the fact that you have reached a milestone (turning the hulls) and that you have now a brand new set of activities to organize in the correct order: floors, bunks, bulkheads etc …

    I saw it as sequential horizontal and logic levels also participating in the structure/stiffness of the hulls:

    Floors level
    Bunk level
    Lower hull level
    Then only the vertical bulkheads

    And tried to finish one level before starting the other. I tried (and still do it) to keep the two hulls parallel in term of work done (the copycat thing). Weirdly, I always start with the port hull and finish with the starboard. Guess which one is the best?

    Just the way I saw it, and I do not claim any perfection, although that I have to say that this is the part where I did not do bad.

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