731.5Hrs – Cold n’Slow

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  1. Jacques says:

    I took option 2 for SB hull and do not regret it. My wife though is upset having to go out to go to the restroom (may be a manhole to bathroom can do it) . On another hand, I would hate to have the toilet smell in the main cabin with option 1. And a big chunk of the space is taken by the bathroom and you are left with a very small living space in SB hull main section.
    I also like the aft bunk although I agree it will be more than often used as a storage area, but it is here if needed and with its own access through the aft deck, so not necessary to fold the chart table to use it. And above all I will have a nice navigation corner with a big folding chart table very close to my bed.

    I added a bulkhead behing the forebeam and made a sail locker with a hatch. I have way enough space left for the toilet and an eventual shower.

    For port hull, I sticked to the plan. The forecabin is nice. Somebody glued the bunk on the the lower hull instead of the last stringer to have more width. I think it is good idea. I will go for a table on a telescopic foot for the bunk transformation in the main section.

    Enjoy: this a part of the building which I liked because now you are really begin to imagine life on board to make decisions.


  2. Adrian Hall says:

    I am probably going to start my own Tiki 38 later this year so have been following your progress with interest.Your web page is now my home page!
    I plan to do an amalgam of of both option A&B for the starboard hull. Although the idea of en-suite loo and shower room is attractive, in practice I don’t think it will work. Everything is bound to get wet and damp every time you take a shower. Eventually you’ll tire of drying everything off and start showering on deck. I plan for a en suite loo/dressing area with separate small wet room/shower cabin.
    I suppose you will only know the best arrangement when you sail off into the blueyonder. All the best
    Adrian Hall

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