633Hrs – Head Down

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  1. Nonthawat says:

    Welcome back Neil. It’s good to see you again. There’ll be more time in the future for another bottle or two. What is your next milestone?

  2. Thomas Nielsen says:


    Oh how I remember this stage fondly! Hey I actually got some tools out today and cut a new interior sill for a window that I’ve neglected to work on for five or so years but hey you can’t sail a house and the way the US real estate market is these days you can barely sale one either. But seriously this is where the rubbing alcohol came in handy on my build. Let the epoxy cure up to the state of chewed on chewing gum and then rub it with an alcohol soaked kitchen sponge. You’ll have perfect fillets and not a bit of sanding required. ….and you will not want to be doing any sanding in those tight corners if you can avoid it mate!!!! It’s a bear.

  3. Chris Harrell says:

    Welcome back Neil, glad to see you had a good wind down and veg out with some vino collapso and company, good tip from Thomas with the rubbing alcohol, our workers use the same method but with a paintbrush, keep at it shipmate!!!!!

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