629Hrs – Great Day!

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  1. Nonthawat says:

    Congratulations… and jubilations! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your hangovers Neil. I have enjoyed looking over your shoulder this year. I’m looking forward to following your progress through 2008. Gleda is looking fab!

  2. Chris Harrell says:

    Well done Neil!! she is starting to look the business, you should be very proud, Merry Xmas matey have a well earned rest and think of us mugs in Thailand working on the 25th, its a ****** job but someone has to do it, I wish you a Happy, prosperous and fruitful New Year

    Chris H

  3. Jacques says:

    You now have a very strong base for the next steps. I wish I had put a primer coat on my bottom hulls as you did before turning them. Your insides look very good too. No, or very little "Wharram waves" either.

    You are in a good shape.

  4. Thomas Nielsen says:

    I am struck by how much work you have managed to complete in 2007. The hulls look beautiful. How does it feel to get inside them? From upside down abstract objects to upright hulls you suddenly have a boat! Keep at it. -Thomas

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