606Hrs – The Final Washdown

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  1. Jacques says:

    Same with the weather here: nasty and cold.
    I still do epoxy glueing but no more fiberglassing. I have started on my beams. I had hard time to find wood at the correct size for them (mainly thickness). Got several estimates from sawmills ranging from 3500$ to 5600$ for Douglas Fir!!! I asked advice from Beat Rettenmund and Ron Hall to know how they did it and finally, I decided to ask my farmer to mill raw spruce for me (don’t forget I am at Allwood Farms!). I got everything done for 300$. A lot of wood though: 2 days of cutting.

    Happy I met my deadline for the hulls: having the decks and top roofs done for Xmas.

    Next step: having the boat connected. Hopefully around May.

    Keep going Neil. The more you go, the less you can give up regarding the time and money invested!


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