593Hrs – 1st Build Anniversary!

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  1. Windy says:

    Happy Birthday! It may seem like a long year, or possibly a year that has flown by like a cloud in the sky, but you are getting there and you will realise your dream. Dream Well- Be Happy

  2. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Back to the hole in the hull issue. Wait till you get further along! There are so many things that need to be mounted. Bolts, screws on and on. All those holes need to be treated one way or another. One thing to consider in a release agent is can you waterproof or get stuff to stick later. When I mounted hardware and the likes I tried to standardize. I used only two sizes of screws #8’s and #10 and a few sizes of bolts or machine screws. I’m not a big fan of screws, they pull out. I labeled and dry mounted everything then removed it. I then syringed in a thin mix of epoxy that would mostly soak in and once cured scred or bolted everything in place. Almost everything. At the end I wanted to be on the water and there are elements on the pod/cockpit that didn’t get that treatment. Maintenance is a key to understanding that entropy will work always trying to un do the order you believe you have created!

  3. Chris Harrell says:

    Congratulations on achieving so much in your first year and Many Happy Returns to Gleda, but hopefully future ones will be spent peacefully swinging around the hook in a deserted anchorage!

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