590Hrs – Keel Strips Still

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hey Neil,
    Congrats on staying at it through year one. You do have an option not discussed on how to bed and waterproof your screws. You can dip your screws in hot parrafin wax before you screw down the strips into liquid epoxy that you syringe into the holes first. Once the epoxy cures back out the screws (the wax will act as a release agent). This will give you a watertight set. When you screw thge strip on permanently set it in the bedding compound and fill the holes too. You’ll get the best of both worlds.


  2. Matti Airas says:

    Actually, I didn’t mean bonding the screws in epoxy. I agree that would be a bad idea. However, you could make oversize holes, fill them with epoxy, let it harden, and then drill new holes in the hardened epoxy for the screws. I think this would result in a functionally somewhat similar construction as Thomas’s suggestion. I don’t know whether the epoxy plug would be weaker, though.

  3. aspifebib says:

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