535Hrs – Filling Time

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  1. Jacques says:

    "I look forward to comparing notes with Jacques in some secluded anchorage in a few years time!"

    Anytime Neil.
    By reading your blog I feel so much in the same mood than you: alone, on a long and difficult project but with plenty of motivation to do it. Motivation comes a lot from others: when meeting other already done Wharram sailors and getting encouragements and important tech advice from them that really boost me up.

    I recently met a weird one: A couple of french people bought a Tehini in Montreal, without a mast. They had 2 kids on board: 8 month and 4 years old. Very good people. They motored to NY (with a single 25HP) and ended up at my place which is a very good shelter on the south route (everybody stops here in fall).

    Man, they had only 5000$ to buy a mast and reach martinique. The first thing the guy told me is "I need a mast". Well, I had one. The farmer where I build my boat got for free a long time ago an old 40ft classic monohull. After 6 years outside, it is totally destroyed (but I hope to grab all the bronze hardware for mine). But, the mast was stored inside: 52 feet long, hollow spruce with all the hardware and cable on it. + a boom, a spinnaker pole and ALL the sails including spinnaker in a correct shape (from the sixties). Done deal: for 2000, he got all of it.
    We had to use a tractor trailer from the farm to bring the mast to the beach and load it on the Tehini. Everybody was happy: the guy from the Tehini, the farmer and myself. Great operation. I told them to flee south ASAP before the cold hit. They must be now in the Chesapeake rigging the mast. I hope the best for them. I have now a serious option on the bronze from the 40ft as the guy has now no hope to refurbish it!

    Very refreshing encounter. These people were brave. They were in a total adventure mode, very natural about it, no big deal. At times when everybody is more and trying to cover his ass and totally risk-adverse, very very refreshing.


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