509Hrs – Ghosting Along

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  1. Shane Miller says:

    The easiest way I have found to apply and fair large amounts of fairing fillers is to get a large flexible applicator. Swipe your fist coat on by pressing firmly so it gets worked into the voids. Come back immediatly and apply the second coat in such a way as it covers everything. Note that finished fairing should not exceed about 3.2mm (1/8") when sanded. I suggest doing this to as large of an area as you can tolerate (I do one side of one hull at a time). Let it cure. Go to the store and get a couple of cans of BLACK spray paint. I use a brand called Krylon.

    Spray a "guide coat" over the entire surface of the area you have applied the fairing too. A guide coat is applied by very quickly moving the can back and forth so that very little paint actually gets applied, just splatter. It should look like your boat got overspray on it, not like it has been painted. Now you are ready to sand.

    I will let you choose your method of sanding. I suggest using the largest area sander you have. I use a 14" board sander with 100 – 150 grit paper and move quickly. The idea is that the guide coat will sand off very quickly on the high spots and will not come off on the low spots with everything in between being "the level". DO NOT sand the guide coat out of the low spots. Do your best to get the high spots back to level – you may end up going into the fiberglass a little when doing this. This is OK. Where you have any area of exposed fiberglass of 25mm or more, sand this area below the level by about 1mm to create a low spot. Work one entire side of a hull before continuing.

    Once one hullside is done, go back and fill in all of the low spots and bare glass areas. Spray a new guide coat over these areas extending out about 25cm from the edge of the newly filled area. Let cure and resand to level. Your hull will be very fair. We use this technique in auto painting to make sure the surface is very smooth.

    For the perfectionists: After completing the above on both hulls, apply several coats of high-build sanding primer over the entire hull, add another guide coat and resand with 220. MAKE SURE the primer you choose will be compatible with both the filler and the paint system.


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