507Hrs – Still Drifting

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hi Neil,
    Hope all is well. Boy does what you are doing look familiar. When I started doing the filler coat on hull one, I totally over did it. Then I sanded most of it off. Then patched it then coated again. I pretty much spent a month on that. On Hull two I did a thin coat then clear coated it and got a better result. Better in several ways; hull two is smoother, was built faster and didn’t waste as much material and I didn’t have to spend weeks sanding either. The other thing is that if you don’t clean the hull absolutely perfectly of dust and other contaminants, these items act as a release preventing a really good bond of the filler to the filled glass coat. I had to pick off areas that didn’t bond well (also I was doing this in January) and re do them.

    Good luck – Thomas

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