501Hrs – Double Celebration!

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Congrats, you did it! I wish I had the dough to invest in peel ply. That’ll save you a ton of work now!
    Take a good rest.

  2. Paul says:

    Way to go Neil. Well done! 500 hrs is a great achievement. Sheathing the bottom hulls is a great achievement. I’m looking forward to following your next challenges. Here’s to the next 500 hours. Cheers!

  3. Jacques says:

    Well done Neil. You must have noticed already how stronger your hulls are.

    I was lucky to see Ann and Neville on their Tiki 46 this week on their way south from rhode island. They gave me great motivation to continue. Their boat is fabulous and I am completely in sync with their minimalist view of the thing.

    I think I solved the allergy problem by switching from West system to MAS resins (which are without amine). I still think that West are the best in term of mechanical properties, too bad they are so toxic.


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