449Hrs – Slow Progress

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    The air bubbles come out of the wood itself. If you dry "install" the cloth the same thing will happen. The roller also doesn’t help as it slightly lifts the cloth on the back part of the roll of the roller.

    Try this. Precoat the plywood and then let it truely cure up. By that I mean if you lay fabric on the wetted out surface you should be able to remove it without it sticking (very much) Once you get it to this stage spread out the cloth then tighten it the way I suggested by hanging clamps along the edges. Once you are happy with the spread and tightness pour on the epoxy along the top edge and then use a rubber squeegee to spread it out. This will prevent it from lifting. The worst believe it or not isn’t dry cloth but over saturated cloth as it starts to float and isn’t super strong in that vicinity as it is brittle because of the excess resin

    Good luck

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