429.5Hrs – Finished Glassing Maybe?

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:


    Finally back to the other world where there are fast enough connections to do some free-range browsing. You continue to work with tenacity and utmost care. You will have a strong and beautiful boat in the end. It will be an exciting day when you flip the hulls.

  2. Jacques says:

    Hey Neil

    Back from France since two weeks. Had beautiful sailing in south Brittany. Back to my project, I have been doing the mold for the deck and just glued a first part this mornig. Everything ok except this sensibility to epoxy which did not vanished after 3 weeks off.
    Great stuff for the rudders holes. I still have to do mines and this will be good help.


  3. neil brown says:

    Very interesting project.You seem to be working a lot on it.To such a degree that you have caught up to my work on hull #97.I started mine 3 years ago and am now at the same stage as you are.Although I do have a rather large collection of odd shaped pieces of plywood coated and rough cut to shape.The plywood cross beams,rudders,cockpit,upper bulkheads,upper hull planking…..basically anything that can fit through a 32 inch wide door.Gets a bit colder in the winter where i live.My assembly shed is unheated so in the winter things appear to slow down to just working on anything that fits thru the shop door.Hoping to glass the lower hulls in the next few weeks……before the snow falls…..brrrr…Thought I was building a boat,but feels more like I’m carving one with a sander.Isn’t epoxy dust fun…..o well gotta get back to my search for cold weather epoxy…..have fun

    Neil B(thunder bay,ontario,canada).

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