3895Hrs – Life Changing Days

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  1. Spencer says:

    What will I do without my daily Gleda fix? Will miss it horribly til you’re back on the web. You’re in the downhill stretch now mate–you just keep plugging away and don’t worry about us–we’ll be happy as you to see her in the water off the quay—Cheers to both!

  2. Ken says:

    Good luck with the rest of the preparation. Will look forward to your (intermittent updates) and videos!

  3. Hi Guy’s,

    OK I will now update you on the progress of Gleda until she leaves the yard on the back of a couple of trucks.

    Neil gave me a couple of half bottles of single malts tonight to enjoy .and I have!!

    The Peat’y one is brilliant has you said Neil.

    Anyway this Guy is “Living the Dream”, and long may it continue.

    I know that he will have a Tear in is eye when he leaves this yard , has will all of us that have
    known this Mad Passionate Guy, for the past eight years.

    Good Luck Mate , you deserve it. Don’t know the nortichle word but sail straight and true.

    Best Regards Ever Charlie.

  4. Guy’s
    Look If you look at bsaotter.com every night .
    I will update you and try and put a couple of pictures about Neil’s daily activities ,until the truck picks the boat up for it’s trip to the Tamar. OK.

    Regards Charlie.

  5. NeilH says:

    Cheers Charlie, glad you enjoyed your ‘wee dram’ and thanks for all your help these past years, I couldn’t have wished for a better place to build my dream.

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