387Hrs – Keels Glassed & Skeg Rebates Cut

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    After a lot of pondering about this potential vulnerability below the water line I decided to overdrill the holes and then coat the inside many times with epoxy on pipe cleaners. I did inspections of the process by shining a flashlight into the holes from one side and peering into them from the other with a magnifying glass. If your first holes came out a little crooked you can also periodically redrill the holes with progressively smaller ones until you end up at the size you need, to just be barely able to pull your ropes through. This all may seem a lot of work for such a detail but it is like a thorn in your heel, it looks like to me. Good luck with it. Your doing a great job, by the way… and get that tounge away from the heat gun!

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