3764Hrs – I’ll Get By With A Little ………

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  1. Darren says:

    Well I have just Finished reading your blog from the start though to upto date. I do not have the words to say how inspirational it has been. You are doing what has been a long time dream for me.

    Today I showed your blog to my wife and nonchalantly mentioned that would like to do the same. To my great surprise and delight she said yes !

    I showed her the wharram web site and the Pahi 31, We had a long talk about it and what our future holds and she like the idea of sailing the Mediterranean BUT (there is also a but lol ) she said the Pahi 31 is too small , she wants the Pahi 42 ….eek !

    I am not a total noob to sailing I spend the years 18 to 28 living aboard and sailing with my parents and sisters in the family restored 65 foot 1935 schooner gaff rigged sailing fishing boat. but at 50 tons her hull was to heavy for her rig, but the rig was still to big for us. It was a traditional gaff with very have booms and gaff´s and like most live boarders money was tight.

    My parents dream was to ´sail around the world´. While we did get from the UK to the and all over the Mediterranean (hint Greek Islands perfect for your cat and breathtaking) and as far as the Canary Islands we never got across the pond.

    It is my dream to finish what I started near 20 years ago.

    So a HUGE thank you to you, I never would have the round objects to ask ´SHE who must be obeyed´ without your inspiration.

    I have ordered the study plans. I have no idea if we can pull this off but I am going to give is a bloody good try !

    thanks, Respect and Regards.


  2. NeilH says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words Darren, hearing that I’ve in some way helped you to move closer to your dream boosts my own efforts.
    Those study plans will provide the spark that, if you provide a bit of tinder, will turn into a flame of ambition to fulfil your dream. If you want it bad enough you’ll pull it off. Go for it!

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