372 Hrs – Hullside Joints Glassed

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  1. Scott Williams says:

    Hi Neil,

    You’re making fantastic progress and your hulls are sure looking good. I’m envious as I am still stuck in south Florida almost a thousand miles away from my boatbuilding project, and will be here for about three more weeks. Glad to see you rocking along on your build though and to see that Thomas has launched his Tiki 26 and sailed away for awhile. You guys are keeping me inspired and I plan to get back to building with a vengance when I return home.

    I’m glad my fiberglassing method has been useful to you (and to Thomas). I should clarify it a bit though, as he was also misunderstanding the method at first. The way I do it is to put the tape down to define the edges of where the glass will go before any epoxy or glass is applied. The dry (or wetted out, if you prefer) glass is then placed over the surface to by glassed, overlapping the tape. When the epoxy is partially cured, then cut just inside the tape edge with a razor and pull away the tape, taking the excess glass neatly with it. The best tape for the purpose is the higher quality blue masking tape such as Scotch or 3M. Hope this makes sense. If you tape over the glass it tends to distort it or pull it out of place before it can be wetted out with epoxy.

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