3588Hrs – Steering Clear

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  1. Craig Anderson says:

    Wow Neil! Did we read correctly that you have officially constructed ALL the bits that are in the plans?

    Congratulations! That is Awesome! I guess that means you can almost ditch your house, move in, watch your expenses drop and free yourself for the final push…

  2. Michael Stephani says:

    Very glad to see that your dream becames reality…. What an effort! I will miss your daily blogs! It’s the first thing I read in the morning 🙂

  3. jon sutton says:

    Just a thought, does the tiller bar need to be at the forward ends of the tillers?

  4. Jacques says:

    “Just a thought, does the tiller bar need to be at the forward ends of the tillers?”. Of course. You need good leverage on the rudders. Even like this the steering can be rough when doing fast.

  5. Neil says:

    Hi Craig, yes it feels good to be just a couple of months away from my long awaited life style change, can’t wait!

  6. Neil says:

    Hi Michael, Thanks so much for your comment and thanks for being such a loyal reader. As for missing my blog don’t worry, it’s my intention to continue blogging, the building phase might be nearing completion but the ‘Gleda’ project is only just beginning!

  7. Neil says:

    Hi Jacques & Jon. I’ve put the tiller bar in the position shown on the plans so it should work fine. The tiller length forward of the tiller bar which I’ve cut off, is in fact redundant. The only time the full length tillers would be useful would be in the event of a steering linkage failure as you could then steer manually. It’s in my mind to make an emergency tiller extension that could be fitted if needed.

  8. Hardy says:

    Gongratulations for the big success! All plan things done, what a great job! Must be an incredible good feeling and i am happy with you. As Michael says, i will miss your daily boatbuilding blog too, but i will read all of your cruising and sailing blog entries with the same joy, and i’ll love the first pictures of Gleda at sea.

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