3456Hrs – All Hands On Deck

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  1. Eric Dobson says:

    It’s not just seeming… that’s a vast amount of deck space!

    As for the holes, just fill ’em! They’re not hurting anything (except maybe resale value, which I don’t think you’re overly concerned with), and personally I find it humbling to keep a few reminders of my own imperfections around.

  2. Ken says:

    Fill the holes with wood dust & epoxy and you will hardly notice it.

  3. Brad says:

    What type of wood did you use for the slats? I’m contemplating a slatted deck for my Tiki 21.

  4. NeilH says:

    Hi Brad
    Sorry for the delayed response. I used Western Red Cedar. Light, strong, zero maintenance. I’m very pleased with it.

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