3253Hrs – Working For It

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  1. Chuck says:

    I’m depressed because your so far ahead of me! As I said before, stop setting a goal. It will be finished when it’s finished.

  2. Hi Neil,
    I have to thank you, your blog motivates me every day for our tiki 46 project. We started 6 months ago and are calculating with 7.000 hrs. Gleda´s building progress is now very close to the finish line. ENVIABLE! But you are right, it is hard to motivate yourself every day from new. Have nice pictures from Gleda sailing in the ocean with a lot of sun and fair winds in your mind – this helps sometimes.
    All the best and a short winter time.

  3. For your motivation, check out my building progress, we have 6.500 working hours in front of us 🙁 :



  4. jon sutton says:

    ‘like the first signs of land over the horizon after a long ocean passage’

    Maybe better to imagine the first glimpse of the sea after your long drive to the coast to put her in the water

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