3241Hrs – Worse Things Happen At Sea

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  1. Peter Brook says:

    Hi Neil

    So pleased all was well for you. It would have been heart-breaking for a storm to damage Gleda even before a launch.

    Agree with your sentiments re sad loss of life and incredible work of the RNLI.

    On the Norfolk coast, we again escaped the worse. Trains all over the place for those travelling and a fair bit of rain. Great Yarmouth had a lot more shipping tied up than normal, dodging the worse of the storm in the North Sea I expect.

    Neat work, you must be crossing off items on the final to do list at a great rate. Hope we get to visit on-site, or at launch as my wife wants to see if the 38 will be enough. Nothing like seeing the real thing instead of pictures.

    Best regards


  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Peter, glad yo survived unscathed as well. You’re welcome to visit anytime.

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