3231Hrs – Ruddy Rudders Day

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi Neil,

    Beat was saying to epoxy the rope into the holes, but leave the part out of the holes dry. Then the rope cannot slip in the rudder or the skeg and the hinge will stay in place. Having used this sort of hinge on model aircraft, I am not sure it would be required anyway though. I would ensure that the not so straight edges your are working with do not cause the rudder to get stiff as it goes off center. A stainless pin at the bottom also has the potential to cause trouble if the center of the pin does not match the center of rotation of the hinges. It may crack the block or the rudder.

    Just my 2c.


  2. Jacques says:

    Exactly. No pin! I thought about this too. Because the pivot axle is located in line with the edge of the rudder. No worry Neil, on Pilgrim, so far, not one problem with this system. You will have to make a serious limiter so the angle on one side do not exceed 30 degree(you dont need more anyway), the bottom could get out the skeg block.

  3. Neil says:

    Cheers Jacques, good to hear you’ve had no problem on ‘Pilgrim’.I’ll look at making a stop as you suggest. Where did you put yours?

  4. Neil says:

    Thanks Robert, You and Jacques say no pin, that’s good enough for me!

  5. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Once your rudders are mounted definitely, get a syringe full of epoxy and insert its tip into the holes along the ropes of the hinges. Squirt epoxy there so that the rope is glued firm. In the unlikely case that you ever have to remove it, you will just drill it out and use new rope.
    Sorry I probably got this late, but I would have offset the holes on the rudders a quarter inch or so downward, which would have insured that the rudder does not sit too hard on the support block, the latter being a bit of a misnomer.

  6. Beat Rettenmund says:

    And yep! Definitely no pin, it would just get ripped out sideways.

  7. Neil says:

    Thanks Beat, message received and understood 🙂

  8. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    Stoppers are made of ropes solidly attached to the hulls and the tillers. One on each side.

  9. Neil says:

    Thanks Jacques

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