3226Hrs – Two Big Rudders Hanging On A Boat

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  1. Here’s a couple hints for the rudders from the practical world:
    Contrary to intuition they must hang from the hinges and not sit on the ledge on the bottom. Don’t worry, once submerged a good portion of them provides lift, so they’re not heavy anymore. If they rest too much on the ledge they will wear through the cushioning pretty quickly. The main load on them is lateral. They are being pushed sideways considerably, especially in heavy seas. So it is crucial that once they are in their definite place that you epoxy the hinge ropes into their holes, otherwise they will slide. Aluna still has one of her rudders off center, because she has not been out of the water since Hawaii, where I repaired one rudder with the epoxy treatment of the hinge ropes, but unfortunately not the other. As soon as we were underway again on some waves that rudder slid to the side and has been there ever since. Not that it affects its function much…
    Hope that all helps! All looking very good, you’re on the final stretch!

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