3150Hrs – Bridging The Gap (Video)

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  1. Jon K says:

    Looking good Neil.

    One question about the engine bays. Do they just stay down under their own weight (and the outboards’ weight) or is there a mechanism to hold them down. Something like a rod or a tailgate ram?

  2. Neil says:

    Cheers Jon

    Yes the engine wells are held down by weight. If the situation were to arise that a wave hits the well hard then it’s far safer for it to ‘give’ and cushion the impact rather than risk damage.

  3. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Problem is when putting engines in verse they jump up. So you will have to think about some sort of locking device if you want to be able to have any power reversing.

  4. JonK says:

    This was also my worry, Beat. But being an internet-boater I didn’t have the conviction to ask. I presumed that there’s some aspect of the design, or weight ratios that prevent the engine bays just riding up in full reverse thrust.

    We can’t have been the first to have thought of this. It’s either just doesn’t happen, or there’s some addition later on in the build.

    Maybe there’s just a big length of 4×2 called the “Reversing Stick” which Neil will have to pop in the Jaws of the engine compartment before engaging reverse 🙂

  5. Jacques says:

    Does not happen on pilgrim which has the same engines than gleda.

  6. Ken says:

    Looking good – can imagine it moving through the water!

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