3133Hrs – Deckpod In Place

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  1. Peter Brook says:

    Hi Neil

    Once pod is surrounded by masts, rigging, tillers, floors, netting, fittings etc. it will look fine. You could otherwise add a trim of some sort where the front and back meet the top if you wanted to reduce the “box” appearance. But I really think it looks OK as is. You must be getting down your final tick list.

    The biggest problem for cruising in hotter climes is ensuring adequate shade (although hiding in a pod during typhoons might appeal!). I too like the idea of low profile, low windage. Still undecided between 38/46, but both would need some kind of roof as well as pod for my use. Maybe just a simple retractable canvass?

    Best wishes


  2. Ken says:

    If you are using solar panels you will need somewhere to mount them – on the roof of the pod?
    I don’t think the pod looks that bad – its definitely requred for cold and warm climes.
    The whole project is coming together now – looks good.

  3. Eric Dobson says:

    I got excited as soon as I read the title of today’s post. Nice job! Paraphrased from some airplane jokes I like to make… now’s the time to sit behind the wheel making boat noises. I’ve again been struck by your recent posts. You’re really moving right along!

  4. Michael Stephani says:

    Hi Neil,

    I am one of your silent daily readers. Congratulations! After building a Hitai 17 I completely admire your dedication. I do not think I could stick to it that long.

    The pod looks great. I would also add a roof for shading and solar panels but not standing height (I am 194cm), only sitting height. That way it will look much nicer , have lower windage and you can use full sail size. Maybe a roof that you can open up over the wheel to stand up (slide back front of the roof?). TIKI 38’s CatKnapp, Bounty, Tikimata, Touch Wood have roofs that are not to high.


  5. Philippe says:

    Bonjour Neil,

    Je regarde ton travail tous les jours avec admiration et envie depuis deux ans. Je suis même frustré lorsqu’il n’y pas de nouveaux article certain jours ! (lol).
    Le pod parait massif ainsi parce qu’il est “nu”. Mais je suis de l’avis de Peter, lorsque l’accastillage et tout l’équipement sera en place, il sera déjà beaucoup mieux intégré à la silhouette de Gleda.
    Je pense qu’une astuce de décoration (peinture ou bande de décoration) permettrait de réduire cet aspect massif.

    I’ve been following your work every day with admiration and envy for two years. I’m even frustrated when there aren’t new posts some days! (lol).
    The deckpod appears huge because it is “naked”. But I share Peter’s opinion, once the deck fittings and all the equipment is in place, it will soon become much more integrated to Gleda’s silhouette. I think that a little bit of decoration (painted design or band of decoration) would reduced the large profile.

    Avec toute mon admiration,


  6. Jon K says:

    Looking great Neil.

    I get the urge to say “Five’s Alive!”

    Or “Wall-EEEEEEE!” for the current generation 🙂

    The windows certainly add to her a character and personallity.

  7. Paul says:

    She’s really looking “Alive”!!!

  8. Neil says:

    Thanks Paul, she feels it 🙂

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