2990Hrs – Sands Of Time And Mood Swings

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  1. Peter Brook says:

    Hi Neil

    I am sure this will be one of many comments with respect to this post.

    It must be easy to see the long list of things to do, but not put it in perspective. Look instead at the things you have done! Wood, plywood and epoxy were only the raw materials. Look at what you have created from them so far! What is left is a tiny percentage of the total. With my job, I have software that shows stages to a planned end-result. I got a bit fed up reviewing a couple of cases today that were not going 100% to plan part way through. I beat myself up over the bits that were not going well. I had the sense to look at the original plan and fast track to the current stage and realised how much had actually been achieved instead. I would fast-track through your own blog if you want similar inspiration!

    I have 2 other build blogs (one Tiki 30 and one Tiki 38) that I regularly follow. Neither have had an update for quite a while…. Myself (and I expect many others) have to put off starting for all sorts of reasons. Maybe we will never have the conviction to start, much less see it through.

    I have been through your blogs start to finish twice now. If I finally do build in the near future, your experiences and the helpful information contained in the blogs will in no small part support my own project.

    I also have read the on-line Polynesian Catamaran Association magazines. These are full of builds and sailing experiences. One couple that really inspire are Nev and Ann (Tiki 46 No 1 of course). Their build was amazing, but even better is the sailing and company they have enjoyed since.

    So enjoy the last few hurdles. You are much closer to distant horizons than many of us!

    Best regards


  2. mike h says:

    “Summer departed temporarily today with thick low cloud and persistent drizzly rain. It only served to remind me how time is flying past and left me in a heavy mood as I thought about all that is left to do with Winter approaching again.

    Time is tight, money is tight and on days like today the launch seems as far away as ever.

    I know it’ll pass, I know I’ll keep going, I know I’ll get there, but I can’t lie, sometimes building this boat seems like the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

    Love this. I read it to my girlfriend just out of the blue and she asked me, “Is that you?”

  3. Chuck says:

    I’m just finishing my house that I started in 1994. It’s finally going to be finished the way I wanted. My son is moving in. I leave for Texas on the 12th to help finish the boat. What’s the hardest thing I’ve done? I dunno; what’s next? Keep looking at the horizon.


  4. Andy says:

    “Enjoy the path, not just the reward”

  5. Jacques says:

    You have reached 95% of your build and passed the hardest stages. You can already prepare for the launch next spring. You have plenty of time to get ready and launch a completely finished boat.

    This time is the right one!

  6. Neil says:

    Thanks Jacques, I’m not sure about 95% but yes it does really feel like I’m over the hardest. I’m still cautious, I know how much is left but it feels good to be certain that ‘Gleda’ will be launched next Spring 🙂

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