2924Hrs – If I’d Just Worked Harder………

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  1. Peter Brook says:

    Now maybe if you add a spline between the two portholes on the pod, it would have the face of an owl, not a robot anymore!

    Wharrams symbol is owl eyes of course. Maybe you are getting signs that all is well with your project……..

    Hope the little fellow makes it.

  2. mike h says:

    Neil. what type of wood are you using for hardwood?

  3. Eric Dobson says:

    Funny you mentioned your thoughts on a compressed build time. Now that I’m a licensed pilot (air, not harbor) I’ve strongly considered building an airplane, which is not too different from boat building in cost and hours. I’m in a position to take on an ‘office hours build’ for the next year, and just a month ago was strongly considering it.

    There are many reasons I decided against it. Mostly, I think it’d be terribly foolish for a first-time builder. Not only is estimating your actual build time impossible without knowing your personal work output, but there are simply too many decisions along the way that need time to stew.

    I’ve been so impressed with how many times you’ve posted about doing some work and then letting a portion of the boat sit for a few days to settle your mind on a decision. It would’ve been a very different build had you needed to be all work and no think. Maybe that’d be fine for an experienced builder, but definitely not the approach for me on my first project. It’s quite a wake up call to truly realize, sea or sky, you can’t just pull over if something goes wrong! I’ll leave the accelerated building for the pros.

  4. Chuck says:

    A big “Amen” to Eric’s comment. I will let something stew in my brain for a while until the correct solution bubbles to the surface.

    The owlet’s mom is probably around and feeding her. You won’t see her. Set up a safe place shielded from predators.

    Shouldn’t those strengthening strips run the opposite way?

  5. jon sutton says:

    That’s one fierce looking little owl

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